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    Chick Pea Soup  

With or without bacon

    Cous Cous & Broccoli  
    Chicken Ball Soup  
    Fried Ravioli ...  8.50

With marinara

    Grilled Polenta ...  14.00

Topped with tomato, avocado, onion and basil bruschette

    Chicken meatballs ...  8.50

served with toasted ciabatta & marsala dipping sauce 

    Pan Seared Spaghetti Patties ...  12.00

stuffed with ricotta cheese and served with vodka sauce

    Sicilian Eggplant Caponata ...  12.00

served with toasted ciabatta

    Skirt Steak ...  22.00

With mashed potatoes and mixed veggies

    Grilled Salmon ...  22.50

With cous cous peas and cauliflower

    Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese ...  18.50

Spaghetti with marinara and crumbled chicken chop meat 

    Vegetarian Pasta Bolognese ...  22.00

Brown rice pasta mixed with vegetable chop meat topped with fresh mozzarella 

    Linguine with lobster meat ...  26.00

capers and scallions in a white wine sauce 

    Pan Seared Veal ...  19.50

with mushroom and tomatoes in a marsala wine sauce with mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes 

    Fusilli Pasta ...  18.50

with shrimp in a pink sauce

    Farfalle Pasta ...  20.50

with salmon and mixed vegetables in a garlic and oil sauce 

    Chicken Marsala ...  11.25
    Buffalo Chicken ...  11.25
    Chicken Ala Vodka Panini ...  11.25
    Chicken Bacon Ranch ...  11.25
    Meatball Parm ...  11.25
    Chicken Feta Panini ...  11.25

Grilled chicken, feta cheese, sun dried tomato and sauteed spinach on ciabatta 

    Veggie Burger ...  13.00

Veggie burger topped with provolone, tomato, avocado, sauteed spinach and roasted pepper spread & served with sweet potato fries 

    Mini Pumpkin Bundt Cake ...  7.00